Real World Survival Guide: Applying for a Job

The Unknowledge Tree

You are about to graduate college and already you can sense the weight of the world about to come crashing down on you.  The pressure builds relentlessly until finally it feels like your feet are about to buckle and you are going to be crushed into oblivion.  Don’t fear, because no matter how terrible that sounds, you are not alone.  Approximately 110% of the population has no clue what they are going to be doing for the rest of their life by the time they graduate, and neither did I.  There is hope.

The Unknowledge Tree has yet again, through its infinite, infallible, and insurmountable wisdom, passed to me the knowledge required to survive in the dreaded Real World.  I did have to beg quite a bit for this one, so don’t squander it.  I’m not going to lie, I did things I’m not proud of, and I’m actually getting…

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The End of a Most Beloved Chapter

4 years of college life has come to an end.  I remember it from Day 1, moving into the Trojan Hall dorms that sunny, scorching day to the very last day, yesterday, walking miserably around in the rain to make it to Taper Hall to take my last, most dreaded final. And in between Day 1 and Day 960 is when I truly grew as an individual, experienced many of life’s lessons, and learned more about the human connection.  These days are the ones that equipped me with the skills I need to step into the real world and succeed or at least make the best of it.  And while I may have no job lined up for me now, I feel confident that I can go out and conquer, as a strong and independent woman.

Life’s Lessons

My favorites in this are:

– drink champagne for no reason at all. I plan to drink a glass everyday after work.

– wave to kids on school buses. YES! I remember I loved it when someone would wave at me. Like that is one cool dude. I can be that dude now!

– and never underestimate the power of love. I wonder what specific experiences this person had to say that.