Ruminations on Mumbai

Sometimes it feels as though it was yesterday that I was in Mumbai and sometimes it feels as if I never went there at all. It’s a vibrant culture filled with gregarious warm people who are just as interested to learn about you as they are to share their lives with you. The city itself is alive and bustling at anytime, day or night, and is a paradox of wealth and poverty coexisting together. I oftentimes miss my mumbaiker best friend who showed me around the best neighborhoods of Mumbai, took me out to the hidden gems of dive-ins and restaurants, and made me feel at home even though I was far from it. It goes to show that when you reminisce about your experiences, you remember the people you shared your experiences with and the way they affected you, not a historical monument or a famous shopping street. What I hold dearest are the people I spent day to day with, both at work and outside, who I swapped life stories with, laughed at jokes with, and listened to me when I wanted to complain.