The last week was kind of just a blur of 1 really long day with 6 naps in between. No, not from crazy partying.  From being unable to sleep with the insane heat.  So I’m just going to jot down what’s on the top of my head.  Cyprus- a Greek island that is 70% Greek and 30% under Turkish occupation. Only in Europe can you pay the price of a shirt ($30) with RyanAir to go to this amazing island.  After a 3 hour evening flight we arrived in Paphos Airport and from there we got our rental car and tried to find the hotel.  At 12 AM it was completely dark, Greek street signs were impossible to find/read, and Cypriots drive the British way (on the left).  We couldn’t find the hotel and asked someone who works in a different hotel, and he got in his car, and lead the way because it was too difficult to explain.  Cyrprus hospitality at its best.  The next day- scorching hot hot heat.  I really couldn’t stand the heat by Day 7 and it was seriously pissing me off and making me irritable.  We visited several really gorgeous spots with clear bright blue waters and beautiful rocks and found some secluded spots to wade in the water. We did a lot of grocery shopping and made our own salads in the hotel apartment, and a few times we had Greek food at restaurants.  The seafood at Sea Basket is the best seafood I’ve had, so succulent and juicy and big! We saw some ancient Greek ruins dating back to 800 B.C. or was it 200 B.C. , which wasn’t very enjoyable for me when I was sweating and burning under the sun.  Agia Napa on Saturday night was crazy, just streets lined up only with bars and clubs and people swarming everywhere, with the music so loud it seems like the street itself is a nightclub.  That night we crashed the car. We were ok. Unfortunately, not the rent-a-car.  Luckily we fixed the dent and got some paint at a Nissan cardealer.