and BAM! you’re 23.

Birthdays…Do they really have any significant meaning after your sweet 16 and legal drinking age 21? Does it really sound good to say you’re nearly a quarter of a century old? I remember when I was a teenager, and all I wanted was for time to go faster so I could be an adult so that people would take me seriously and I would be busy and important. Well now I’m almost 23. Do I feel it? No. Do I look it? Yes, but no wrinkles YET. What’s exciting about getting older is that the world is too.  Society is changing as demographics shift; technology is advancing rapidly; new leaders are rising; Generation Y has reached the professional working level; Obama is up for re-election. It’s good to know that as I’m getting older, so is everybody else too.

Life lessons learned thus far I can pass to my grandkids:

1.  Nothing in life is free. And when it is, grab as much as is socially acceptable. Hell, just grab as much as your pockets can fit.

2.  Don’t go searching for love; you’ll just get your heart broken.

3. Someone will always better than you or worse than you at something, just be happy with yourself.

4. Carry gum with you at all times. Fresh breath is a must for success in life.

5. Know how to work the system, or the system will screw you over! If I had a penny for everytime the system’s screwed me over.


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