Picking up the Piano Again

I’m glad I had a mother who insisted that I, at least, stay committed to one hobby.  As a child I tried everything from ice skating to the bowling league, Taekwondo to swimming, surfing to pottery.  But I never stuck with any of these through my adolescence, except the piano and the clarinet.  I stopped playing both instruments once I left for university and now it’s been 5 years since I’ve played.  I will never forget the grueling competitions, master classes, hours spent practicing, and the gratification I received after it all.  Now that I have a piano again to play I’ve decided to master this song that I never got a chance to. Those 10 years were worth it. Thanks mom.

Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptum, a  very technically difficult yet intensely beautiful piece.

I’m a big fan of contemporary classical music.  Years of playing Bach and Mozart kind of make you numb to pieces from the Baroque and Classical era of piano. I’ve always wanted to master this song by Ravel. Just utterly beautiful and even more difficult that Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu.


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