Orange is indeed the New Black

I like the rest of the nation am in love with this show. You get human nature or women nature I should say in its rawest and most glorious form for a blissful 13 hours worth of episodes nonstop. Thank you Netflix. You see these women without the normal backdrop of society, without the clothes and jewelry they’d wear in this society, and without their friends and family,. You see that they’ve created their own system within a system in order to survive and make sense of their freedom-stripped lives. Their everyday struggles in prison are at times hilarious and other times heart-wrenching. The best parts are when you get to see who they were before they were wearing orange uniforms. Some stories are more riveting than others but people’s lives are for the most part are not that bombastic. I was also reminded of an important lesson: don’t break the law.

Completely unrelated to the title of this post: interviews. I have never been on the other side, that is the interviewer’s side. I have only ever been the interviewee in life and it has never been easy to sit there in front of someone you’ve never met before and try to convey to him everything that you are in 60 minutes. I have never not been nervous, no matter how nice and easygoing the interviewer may be. Because every single word you’re saying is being scrutinized, every muscle movement in the face, every pause, every mannerism from the moment you step in to the moment you step out.   I’m very easy to get along with, intelligent, and very good at whatever I put my mind to. I try my best and that’s all I can do. Everything else is just left to fate.